What to expect from a Tarot Reading

What tarot is and is not Tarot is not: Evil, bad, religious, or dangerous. Tarot is not tied to any religious aspects, it is not devil worship or related to any dark arts. Tarot is: a tool used to divine answers to a question asked by a querent. The reader uses the tarot cards to …


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Moon Manifestation

Last night was the rise of the Scorpio Full moon. If you haven’t seen my post about the Scorpio Full Moon and Wesak please check it out here. The moon phases are cyclical astrological event that has been important since ancient times. The lunar calendar predates our modern day solar calendar. The word month is derived from … Continue reading Moon Manifestation

Scorpio Full Moon

The Scoprio full moon is upon us and here on the East Coast US it will occur on May 4th. The Scorpio full moon is a deep intense moon. Scorpio is all about life, death and transformation. This is also in conjunction with Weska, the Buddhist festival celebrating Buddhas life, death and enlightenment. This full … Continue reading Scorpio Full Moon